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Date: Saturday, October 13
Location: Khumjung, 12,500 feet. 3 hour walk.

Have to start with the crushing spectacular view of the Everest Valley. We climbed slowly for over an hour, rounded a corner at a high hotel and all of the sudden, Everest, Ama Dablam, wow! 

Khumjung is this wonderful sherpa town. Here we visited our long time friend Kami and his wife Doma. We ate lunch with him in what seemed a sherpa museum. For me to see how he has been able to rebuild after the earthquake was fulfilling. All loved the lunch. Like a living museum. Salt butter tea, homemade butter, momos fresh, french fries. 

 People were blown away by the ancient temple in his house. I think people were most moved by the patient, kind way we were treated. Very moving. People are feeling the of reverence and ancient spirituality here. It is also getting cold. Jackets are coming out. 

All are feeling moved by the immense beauty and the over lay of long and ancient reverence here. 

 Join us tomorrow.

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For: TJ and Uncle Torey

So the struggle is real here too, can’t seem to get the stupid letters correct to send you messages !! I’ll keep trying...Everything sounds amazing. Soak it all up & enjoy these memories. We’re following you every day & tracking each step. We love & miss you both. Always believing !

Moo Blake and Claire - 10/14/2018

For: Torey and TJ

So happy to hear all is well and you are both having an amazing adventure! I got all concerned hearing about those Korean climbers at Mt. Gurja. Please be careful and David and I send our love, Elizabeth

Elizabeth - 10/14/2018

For: Harry

Hey Harry, Your trip so far sounds amazing. Gave Sandy your regards at Jake’s memorial event. It was a nice tribute. Frank, Ray and I represented the running group. I guess you are not doing too much running right now. Take it nice and slow and steady, enjoying every waking moment. Looking forward to the stories when you get back.

Dan - 10/14/2018

For: Harry

Mom said I shoud post something, so I am posting something. Emily says enjoy the trip, can’t wait to see the pictures and be safe. I say your a crazy person. Have fun!

Matt and Emily - 10/14/2018

For: Brother Mike

Looks amazing!! We will be thinking about you as we climb Scarfaceand today!! Be careful and enjoy. Can't wait to see all the pictures.

Sister cathy - 10/14/2018

For: TJ

T, we love hearing from you! Catching up on all of the posts from the week. (Rick is much better with details!) Franklin and I are doing great - we took a walk on the trails in the park, I have some cute shots of the little guy. Spending money and redecorating the house!! Enjoy your trip - see you in a few weeks!! Haha! Be careful, we are with you every step of the way. All my love, Amanda

Amanda - 10/13/2018

For: Bob

Hello all! So glad yo hear that the trip is spectacular!!! Sounds like you are at the point where the weather is taking a turn ...the same is true here in Rochester...fall is officially here with cold nights and brisk days. The leaves are brilliant and of course the apples are in full force. Your food there sounds quite interesting..I imagine the coffee is scrumptious ! I am so glad to hear that all your training in Washington, Hawaii and the Adirondacks was worth the sore muscles...stay safe

Katie - 10/13/2018

For: Torey & TJ

Thinking of all of you all the time. My heart is filled with the wonders you are experiencing. So much I want to say, so many questions I want to ask. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. Love you both so very much!!!

Aunt Deee - 10/13/2018

For: Harry & All

Stay safe on your amazing adventure.

Tara - 10/13/2018

For: Marlene

J'ai pu grâce à ce blog contempler le formidable panorama de l'Everest, quelle chance que tu as ! Le groupe a pu ainsi profiter de hospitalité de Kami et de sa femme Doma à Khumjung. Tu auras beaucoup d'anecdotes à nous raconter à ton retour. A très bientôt ! Love

Jean-Claude - 10/13/2018

For: Harry

Sounds like you are meeting some wonderful people and making great memories. Maybe you could bring back a few of those recipes for Thanksgiving dinner! Hope you are feeling strong as you steadily climb. Looking forward to your next post.

Marianne - 10/13/2018

For: Harry

Hope you’re having a great trip!!! Sounds like such an adventure! Hope you’re staying warm and safe! -Caitlyn and Dan

Caitlyn - 10/13/2018

For: Harry

Hello from Megan, Roger and Dexter! Sounds like an amazing trip so far. Hope you are enjoying the experience. Good luck, be safe - we are following along with the updates!

Megan - 10/13/2018

For: TJ and Torey

Torey and TJ,what a spectacular site!!I can only begin to imagine the excitement you must be feeling at the thought of getting closer to this magnificent mountain.We are looking forward to all the pictures and tales you will share with us when you're home.Things are well.It's been rainy and damp,fall is definitely arriving. TJ,Franklin is getting so big, you will be amazed when you see him.Torey, the pile of mail on your desk is getting big too!We love you and miss you,Sharon and Forever Jacquie

Sharon - 10/13/2018

For: Harry and all

Sounds like you were treated to great hospitality from Kami and Doma. How great is that! How wonderful you got the views of the mountains. Jackets are coming out here too - we are in the 50’s for the next week. You certainly are experiencing the culture. What a treasure to remember. Love Shannon

Shannon - 10/13/2018

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