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Date: Thursday, August 2
Location: Amanati, Lake Titicaca, 12,600 feet

I am sitting on a porch on an island in the middle of Lake Titkaka. We are 4 of us in Amelia's house.  Tom is playing soccer with the 9 year old, breathing hard at the altitutude. Amelia is in the kitchen making lunch of the local foods they grow.  Potatoes, quinoa, beans... I am looking over a massive turquiose lake toward Bolivia and it's 21,000 foot massive mts.  Very quiet except for the mule braying as there are now cars here. We stopped to visit the Uros people on the way out. They live on reed islands, in reed houses and even eat the reed. We went for a reed boat ride but the wind was strong for two woman to row so we drifted away and needed a pick up. Now winded Tom is being drawn a picture of a sheep by his young friend. This house is 2 years old. Still unfinished but the guest rooms are lovely. We got dressed up in local ponchos, dresses and shawls to attend a community dance.  Show you a pic tomorrow. Quite a festival. We walked up to an ancient pre Inca sun temple for a 360 view of the sunset. Lake Titikaka surrounded by glowing mts.

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For: Everyone

Hey There...Stopping in for my fix of the through your adventure. Very cool. Tom.....these kids are going to remember you! Hope you are all continuing to have a great time...keep posting pics.

Terri - 8/2/2018

For: Paul, Linda, Linda J, Flanigans, and the whole crew!

You're on the home stretch! Can't wait to see all the pictures and hear about all the Peruvian shenanigans when you get home. And Dad, don't forget to bring me home a llama! I'm still disappointed that I never got a yak from the Everest trip. Love you all!

Emily Artruc - 8/2/2018

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