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Date: Tuesday, July 31.
Location: Paddy's Bar.  Highest Irish Bar in the world.  11,200 feet. Cisco.

Short post. Day so filled not time to write much. 

 Picture is of this really amazing Juice Bar in a public market. Special drink. Carrot juice, Apple juice, maca, pollen, egg, starfruit, condensed milk, honey, a few more juices and a dark beer. 2 dollars a pitcher. Drinks for 5. Makes you strong! 

 We hiked to a gigantic fortress of the Inca, explored the market, shopped, ate great pizza, tried guinea pig. Wow!  And it was a rest day. 

 People loved exploring this amazing city!

 Sorry, have to go have a disco sour.

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For: Karen Woz

Special drinks sound better than the quarter beers were at Checho's. Lol. Way to represent SJFC. Prayers!

Martha - 8/1/2018

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