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Date: November 3, 5pm
Location: Namache, Nepal. 11,500 ft


It was hard. Why was it hard? We gave our marathon runners a shot block and put them up front on a 2000 foot hill. Mistake. How slow can a person walk and still be moving. We saw our first glimpse of Everest! We crossed several high and scary suspension bridges. We learned yaks don't yield. Watch where you step. The challenge of the day created mental reflection time. It was 39 degrees when we started walking and 65 and hot sun at lunch. Bonnie and Jim did a 5 "wipee" in tent shower. These are the things that matter to us out here. We are looking forward our rest day tomorrow.


Pat: feeling a little tired.
       02 86%
       Pulse: 108
Kathi: feeling tired and a little headache
      02 90%
      Pulse: 90

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For: Alison

What an awesome adventure! We hope you are having the experience of a lifetime. We can't wait to hear about it. Have a safe trip there and back!

Jenny & Chris B. - 11/8/2010

For: all hikers

We are thinking about all of you. Hope all is well. Have a safe hike. Love ya all!! Can't wait to hear about your hike. Patty

Jack and Patty - 11/5/2010

For: Patrick

You forgot to do a carousel for this... JK. Kidding aside, I am so honored to have you represent my family on your climb. It is such an awesome act of love and commitment. Stay well, enjoy the view and come home safely. We miss you!

Paula - 11/4/2010

For: Matt

Your flight has been cancelled and you will have to take Trailways to get back home! ha ha Wishing blue skies and much energy to you and all the hikers as you continue on this amazing journey! We enjoyed reading your note to us today. Rest and stay safe

Kathy Hughes - 11/4/2010

For: Kathi

Wishing you all the best on this fantastic adventure. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Marcia - 11/4/2010

For: Paul "guitar man" Artruc

" ... ain't it funny how you feel, when you're finding out it's real? oh, to live on sugar mountain, with the barker's and the colored balloons ... " -neil young

Martha Roney - 11/4/2010

For: Alison and Darlene

Gold Rush Running Routes for 11/5/10 (Himalayan Edition): Turn UP at the scary suspension bridge, then make another UP at the sleeping yak, take a slight UP at the mid-day meal and then UP the small hill. Out-n-back. Water is yak? Keep LOOKIN' GOOD!

Jeff C - 11/4/2010

For: Paul

brown chicken, brown cow!

Liz - 11/4/2010

For: Kathi

Keep truckin up that hill Kath and All. Enjoy the wonderful views. Drink it all in. Take a nice breath and say Aaaahhhh. Oh it feels so GOOOOOOOoood!!

From Kate - 11/4/2010

For: Kathi

Wow Kathi - you are really up there!!! And it looks SOOOO beautiful! Those O2 sats are still lookin' good - and according to our calculations you can keep them looking good for the rest of the trip:). Thanks for sending us the numbers - I didn't know you had an oximeter with you - a nice surprise for us! We've all been thinking of you up there. Keep safe, and cherish each moment. (P.S. Did you look down when you crossed the hanging bridges?)

Martha B. (not to be confused with the other Martha who sends messages) - 11/3/2010


"Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way." Dr. Seuss

Martha - 11/3/2010

For: To Kathi

You go girl, I pushing......

From Nadean - 11/3/2010

For: Kathi

Kathi...sounds like an intense day today(11/3) Hang in there! Everest looks cool...hope your head feels better "you can do it..keep moving" brenda

brenda/maxkona - 11/3/2010

For: Baseball fans

OK, I lied, Cuomo/Duffy won the election. In other news, the Yankees won the world series! This is not a lie, I didn't say they won it this year :) I hope you're all having a GIANT of a time there!

envious couch potato - 11/3/2010

For: Patrick

Hey friend. Hope you're doing well up there - too bad Captain Fantastic isn't there because he could just carry you all the way to the top. Hope you all are having fun and staying strong. You can do it!! Love, Sadie

Sadie - 11/3/2010

For: Patrick

Enjoy your rest time tomorrow! We'll rest as well, in your honor. We're keeping your mom posted. Annalie says, "I love you, daddy. I hope I see you soon. What did the baby teddy bear say after dinner? I'm stuffed! Got it? Heeheehee." We love you.

Robin & Annalie - 11/3/2010

For: Nightmare Artruc

I think about cha a buncha times a day. Keep on rocking! Best to everyone on the trip. Hey Mattchew Flanigan.

Martha - 11/3/2010

For: Paul

Hope you are feeling 100%. Enjoy the views. We are thinking of you and doing fine. have a good rest day. I love you.-Linda

Linda - 11/3/2010

For: Matt

hi Dad! We tried to send you several messages to you yesterday, but we don't see any of them posted! Oh well! It looks like you're having a good time! We can't believe you really crossed that bridge! We are missing you lots, but we're excited that you're finally there! We love you very much! 143!

your girls - 11/3/2010

For: Our Family Treckers

Hope everyone is doing well. Hike a step for me. Keep them in lin Rick, especially that Paulie Paulie character. We Love You All, Patty & Jack

Jack & Patty - 11/3/2010

For: Bonnie & Jim

A belated "Happy Anniversary" We hope you had a great day. Love, Jack & Patty

Jack & Patty - 11/3/2010

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