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Date: Wednesday, August 17
Location: Vatnajokull National Park

Dear Lauren, from Flo and Carroll:

"Having an amazing adventure, glad we are not home in the heat..glaciers, volcanoes and wonderful people..,see you in a week..." 

Mary C from Mary C.:

Getting all your messages from blog and office. Mary is doing great! Loving the beauty here. 

To all the rest of you out in blog land.,.. 

Hallo Sweet day. We started out in a fog hiking 2.4 miles to a plane that crashed in 73 by the ocean. Erie and beautiful at same time. Odd that is. Been covered by black ash. 

Then we went to the large town of 300 people to get supplies before going "behind the mountain" We are at the only cabins for 75 km. 

Great, mysterious canyon with a Volcanic formed waterfall and troll lined deep mossy green valley. 

Now we are feasting on grilled haddock and meat. Started with an appetizer of sild, pickled herring in mustard sauce. Feeling very icelandic. 

The one hot shower out of water at moment, but we will deal. 

Hoping for good weather tomorrow so we can climb highest mt in area. Looks over the largest ice cap in Iceland. That one is huge, 1.4 km thick... 

Stay tuned...

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