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Date: Tuesday, August 16
Location: Solhiemajokull Glacier

So, first off, we made it! We got to the cars and the river we had to cross had spread out all over the gravel area. We followed a local bus and he showed us where to cross. It went off great. Well, some water did come into the floor off the car as the rushing river hit part way up the door. The car spun its wheels and gripped. And out we climbed! Drama.

Our good luck continues as the clouds are raised just enough to see the glacier. The wind that was on the coast abated. And we explored the foreign and beautiful world of thousands of years old ice, crevasses and rivlets disappearing into the bowels. Bowels of the glacier is a fitting word.

Then we went into Vik and its black sand beaches sheer sea cliffs with their soaring bird life. Dinner was overlooking the beaches with its fog and mist and mystery. Here history goes from Viking attempts at life to sunken German submarines and stories of the rescue and capture of its crew.

The crew is gelling well. People help each other on the trails, share the cooking when we have it and help load and watch out for each other.

Thank you for writing on the blog.   All your messages are read to the group.  We don't have wifi sometimes and the days are very full so we don't really have the time or a good way to use this for personal emails.  If you write a specific question to one of the people we can answer it on here.  It takes a day or two to get the answers back though.  We hope you will understand we are spending most of our time exploring remote places without wifi and that we are only spending a few minutes a day on a satellite email.  When there is personal wifi each person has access to that. 

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For: Bob Cooper and Barb Harmer

This is just amazing! Hope you're having the best time ever and remember, back home we're getting our adventure kicks vicariously through you! Stay safe and bring back lots of stories. Love, Cary S.

Cary Smith - 8/17/2016

For: Mary and William Callaway

For Mary and William Callaway - you are out-doing yourselves and are making those of us back in the lower 48 look like couch potatoes - we can see for ourselves how well this journey is suiting for you. Hooray all around, love, Mary C P.S. This will go directly to 105 Stonybrook.

Mary Critikos - 8/17/2016

For: Barb Harmer

Barb, Hope you are having an amazing adventure! Lots to talk about when you return!

Rose Cooper - 8/16/2016

For: Bob Cooper

Love reading what you are all doing everyday. Iceland sounds like an amazing place! Glad you are enjoying your adventure - and an adventure it truly is!!! Have fun and be safe! Love, Rose

Rose - 8/16/2016

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