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Date: Monday, February 16
Location: Summit of Kilimanjaro! 19,340 feet. 7:15 am Africa time.

Epic. It is impossible to describe the summit climb. We were in the clouds and snow all evening. 10 PM comes slow or quick depending if you fell asleep. At dinner time Jeff was not sure he was going to go but he rallied.

Well, first, the question you all want to know, Yes! We all made it together even!

So it was snowing when we started. After about 2 hours we rose above the clouds and out of the snow. It was for Kili a warm night, 25 f at the top, hardly any wind. 5 inches of the most beautiful, sparklingly, brand new snow highlighting everything. The colors saturated the many various layers of clouds. The glaciers were accented by new snow. Ben described the ground as an oreo look, black volcanic ash mixed with snow. The crater dropped away to one side and 17,000 feet below, Africa to the other. Some said they have never seen nor expect to see anything again as beautiful.

The drama of the struggle of the climb, more then one person said it was the hardest thing they had ever done, the beauty and the inspiration of the others not giving up brought many of us to tears. 12 hours round trip from Barfu. Hour nap, pack and 5 hours down to 10,000 feet, healing oxygen, warmth and closer to showers and beer and wine. Right now sitting in the tent writing this as it pours rain outside. Hopefully it will stop soon...

More to tell but a rest is needed....

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For: Carlos, Tim, and all

Congratulations to you all, great job. Have a safe return trip.

Jim Phillips - 2/19/2015

For: kris and ben

Congratulations, you made it!! One more thing to check off your bucket list! So proud of you...

the woods - 2/17/2015

For: Sue Holmes

Ok, it is finally evening here in California. Now I can crack open a bottle of wine and toast to you and all your hiking buddies. So amazed, I still want to see pictures of you on this journey. Are you a camper, or is the Ritz still your choice? I'm sure the make-up is back on. No relax and have fun. Be Happy!

AnnLynne - 2/16/2015

For: Susan Holmes

WOW CUZ - You did it! Congratulations to you and everyone in your group for accomplishing a monumental journey! So after the wine, hot shower and flush toilets, what's next? Can't wait to chat and see your pictures. A safe journey in your descent and flight home. Love Kathy

Kathy - 2/16/2015

For: All

Congrats to All! So great to hear that you all made it.

Troy - Kili 13' - 2/16/2015

For: Susie Z

We are all so so so proud of you! There was never a doubt in our minds that you would make it! Whenever you set your mind to achieving a goal you make it happen, and as always this adventure was no different! You are truly an inspiration! Many hugs & kisses! Love you friend!!

Maggie Rob & Adelyn - 2/16/2015

For: Ben and Kris

Way to go!! I'm so proud of you- can't wait to hear just what that "Oreo" ice looked like. Enjoy the climb back down.

Waymouth - 2/16/2015

For: Kris and Ben

Congratulations! Must have been an awesome experience beyond words to see Kili in the real. Cannot wait to hear all about it. Safe travels and enjoy the rest of the experience!

Glenn and Gracie Spry - 2/16/2015

For: Susie Q

Susie we are so proud of you.I knew you could and would get to the top! Your endurance is an inspiration! Can't wait to hear everything.. congrats to all. Live you girl!!

Kendra, Steve and Landon - 2/16/2015

For: Kris and Ben, and all :)

You are all amazing!!! So very proud to say that I know someone who has been on top of the world, well on top of Kilimanjaro anyway! Safe hiking for the rest of the way and enjoy the rest of your time on this awesome adventure!

Fredonia Family - 2/16/2015

For: Jeff

Congratulations! What an accomplishment! We are proud of you! Congrats to all the climbers as well. Well done everyone!

Todd, Mio and Erika - 2/16/2015

For: susie! Susie! Susie!

My Dearest Friend - There was never any doubt......YoU WoW mE!!!!!! Tearing up as I safe and get home soon...........Well done, gang! Michele

Michele - 2/16/2015

For: Ghionul

Congrats!!! You did it. I hope you took lots of pictures. I just got back early this am. I look forward to swapping pictures and stories!

Carolyn Davis - 2/16/2015

For: Kris and Ben


Toshio and Chie - 2/16/2015

For: Carlos and Tim and the entire group

So, so proud of all of you. What an amazing accomplishment! I admire everyone for persevering. The weather conditions along with that altitude sounded daunting. I am admittedly relieved to know you all summited and did not feel ill. I am sure the pictures will be spectacular. Carlos, I am back in CT. Had a great time in Texas. It feels very much like Kilimanjaro weather here....cold, snow, and more snow on the way! Sue

Sue - 2/16/2015

For: Carlos and Tim

my wonderful, daring, exceptional grandsons-in-law! I'm so Proud of you two.

Gram - 2/16/2015

For: Carlos and Tim

my wonderful, daring, exceptional grandsons-in-law! I'm so Proud of you two.

Gram - 2/16/2015

For: Sue Zafuto

Congratulations Sweetheart can’t wait to just hug you

Sandy - 2/16/2015

For: Kris and Ben

Hard to express the pride - congrats. After this the last four Adirondack Peaks will be anti climatic

Mom and Pop (G and G) - 2/16/2015

For: Jeff

That's awesome Dad!

Sean - 2/16/2015

For: Susan Holmes

Very Cool!! Glad you made it, what's next?? Everest ?? Can't wait to see your pics and journal See ya next week Love, Joe

Joe - 2/16/2015

For: All, especially Rick and Yusef

So when did they restore the cool historic summit sign? In 2012 when I made it they had a new modern one that looked like it came from the NYS Thruway Authority.

Lisa Moretto - 2/16/2015

For: dad and Carlos

Wooooooo!! Go dad and C-Los! So proud of pi guys it sounds awesome.

jake - 2/16/2015

For: Carlos

Rockin' baby!!! Just rockin'! Looking forward to the pics. JB

James B - 2/16/2015

For: Susie

OMG SUS,!!! YOU DID IT!!!!! I am so incredibly happy for you and so proud of you! You are truly amazing and inspiring! Glad you all made it safely, have a safe trip down! Bet you can't wait for that glass of wine! Love you friend!! congratulations to you all, what a tremendous accomplishment!

Lisa - 2/16/2015

For: Tim and Carlos

WOOOOHOOOOOOOOO congratulations!!!

Theresa - 2/16/2015

For: Susie Z

CONGRATULATIONS to all of you! Sue's you rock I'm so proud of you! Safe travels as you make your way back. I love you Friend!

Rach - 2/16/2015

For: Susan Holmes

Congrats! You did it! I can't wait to hear all the details. Did you keep notes for that great book you are going to write? Come home safely, I will talk to you soon. Love you!

AnnLynne - 2/16/2015

For: Susie Z

Congratulations to All of you!!! Sue's you kick ass, I'm so proud of you! Safe travels on your way down. Love ya Friend!

Rach - 2/16/2015

For: Susan Holmes

Congrats.Soooo happy 4 u!!!! All that training was worth it. The wine sure will taste great! Can not wait 2 c u!!! Be safe. xoxo

Thurston - 2/16/2015

For: Susan Holmes

All I can say is WOW!!! Incredibly awesome...Congratulations!!

Rob Herloski - 2/16/2015

For: Susan Holmes

Wow! You did it! Congratulations!!! Check off the first item on your bucket list. Everything will be easy after this. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Congratulations to all your trekking buddies. Love, Marilyn

Marilyn - 2/16/2015

For: Carlos & Tim

YES!!!!! You did it!!!! So proud, so proud. Can't wait to see you both and give a congratulatory hug and kiss.

Noly - 2/16/2015

For: Kris, Ben and all you crazy climbers

Congrats to all of you on an amazing adventure! It is so great to relive the moments we shared 7 years ago! So proud of all you have accomplished. You are now forever linked to Africa and its beautiful people. Soak it all in and enjoy the oxygen as you descent - it never has tasted sweeter! And remember: It's not the altitude, it's the attitude! Paul and Linda Artruc - JOI Kili 2008

Paul and Linda Artruc Kili '08 - 2/16/2015

For: Ghionul.

Well done, Ghionul! A considerable achievement. Hope you had enough energy to take plenty of photos.

John. - 2/16/2015

For: Sue Z

I remember how emotional we all were at the end of your marathon run ,I wish we were there for your climb to the summit. We are very proud of you and can't wait to see you. We can finally start breathing, hurry home Love and miss you xxxooo

Mom & Dad - 2/16/2015

For: Susie z

OMG#!! After this, everything else is easy! I'm so proud to call you my baby sister. Xoxo

pam - 2/16/2015

For: Sue Z

I am happy hear that everyone made it!!! You have achieved something that very few people have!!! I hope you are savoring this incredible experience. Congratulations and make sure you tighten your boot laces on the way down (my knees are hurting just thinking about it). You will sleep well tonight...(so will I). :)

JSac - 2/16/2015

For: Susan Holmes

OMG! I am so proud of you and so inspired by you! What an amazing accomplishment!!! Love you! Looking forward to hearing all about your epic adventure!

Janine - 2/16/2015

For: Tim, Carlos, Everyone


Ann Mohin - 2/16/2015

For: Ghionul

You did it!!! We're so proud of you :) Truly inspiring. Lots more hugs and can't wait to hear details. Love Sarah and Ivy

Sarah & Ivy - 2/16/2015

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