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Date: Thursday, October 9th
Location: Thimpu! End of the trail.

Always sad and exciting to end an intense journey like this. We had the opportunity to finish at an ancient monastery and spin the 108 prayer wheels in contemplation. After boarding the bus we were in a traffic jam as there was a celebration for the head monk for Bhutan and everywhere in Bhutan sent representatives.

The shower was delectable and after a hot as in too spicy for many official Bhutanese lunch we headed to town. We stopped at the national post office where we could have our picture taken and and into a stamp. Some of you may be receiving a post card with that stamp. Then we toured the town at our leisure. This meant everything from trying local butter cheese, rock hard yak cheese to buying local clothing and ceremonial scarves. No stop light in the capital but the main intersection is manned by a white gloved policeman in a beautiful painted stand.

Tomorrow we visit the market, the largest standing Buddha, textile makers and other local sites and experiences. Hey, this is our last post. Thanks so much for following us. Rick will be heading to Everest Base Camp starting Wednesday so you are welcome to follow the adventures there over the next few weeks. The rest head to Bangkok on Saturday and then home. Hopefully we will see many of you at the PPS reunion on the 8th of November. Details on the website.

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For: Rick

Loved catching up. Will be interested in hearing what has changed in the last 4 years. See you at the reunion (in person!!) Hello to the Levins!!!

Catherine Cornell - 10/9/2014

For: Barb and the whole Team

Congratulations on completing this amazing journey. Thank you for taking us along though these posts. Thank you also for answering our questions. Wyatt and Oliver were so excited to hear about the dogs and breakfasts. I think your Yak experience will rival our Bison Experience. Have a wonderful, relaxing last day in Bhutan and safe travels home (or to Mt Everest!). Can not wait to talk to you Barb. xoxo

Tara and the Gang - 10/9/2014

For: Lisa

Dearest Lisa -We have been worried sick here in the States wondering where you are now and if you are alive and well. News just in is that you've been roughing it the past few days. Absorb every moment of your journey - as we all should. I hope you can make it through and emerge with an appreciation and peacefulness in the everyday things that we friends back home call life (like showers, running water and toilets). I can't wait to see you and hear all the details. I love you infinitely. J

Your best friend - 10/9/2014

For: Dad

Congratulations dad!

Paula - 10/9/2014

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