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Date: Tuesday, October 6
Location: Barshong, in the Thimpu River Valley.

12,000 feet. 5 hours hiking.

Everyone is recovering from dealing with altitude and going over the pass. Marcia had a tough 3 days but is fine. Jeff Levin had a bit of lung challenges but is recovering. Barb had some adventures on her horses. Lisa from Texas is freezing. We have not seen her face for a few days beneath all the layers. Dan is loving the geology. The rest are meeting the challenges with various degrees of discomfort.

Today we followed the most fantastic valley. One side had 2,000 foot tall colorful and eroded cliffs laced with grasses of red and yellow. The other side had ancient cedar trees decorated with Spanish moss and red and yellow fall leaves.

Plummeting between the cliffs were waterfall strands of hundreds of feet. The ribbon of clear green water we are following gives a constantly symphony.

Barshong is an ancient fort now falling down that protected Bhutan from the Tibetans. It is warmer down here and the living is getting easier.

Thanks for the messages. We read them at night in the dining tent by gas lamp.

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For: Monika , Rick

los pienso cada dia . Espero todo esta bien ! Can't wait to hear all the adventures . Estan Personas Fuertes ! Love Bonnie Y

Bonnie Y (maximum 255 chars) - 10/8/2014

For: Lisa

We love you and miss you!!!! Everything is fine here - "keep on trekking"!!!! : )

Shannon - 10/8/2014

For: Monika

Wie geht es Dir? Hab dich gleich auf dem Bild erkannt!! Bin noch in Korea. Bei mir ist alles OK! LIEBEN GRUSS!!

Fred - 10/8/2014

For: Mom and Dad (Jeff and Amy)

You guys are amazing! I can't wait to see pictures from the summit and the trek - I'm sure they won't do it justice. What a way to celebrate 60 years of life. It's a beautiful new england fall here in Maine. Talk to you soon! Love, Becca & Ryen

Becca & Ryen - 10/7/2014

For: Marsha and Rick

Marsha, you are soooo tough! We are following your postings from our Lazyboys. Take care B&S

Bob and Sue Ames - 10/7/2014

For: Barb

Hi Barb! I was thinking about you and wanted you to know I think you are amazing! Amazing!

Jennifer - 10/7/2014

For: jeff levinn

hope u are feeling better sounds like it was a scarrie feeling amy glad jeff is ok the bees will worry if daddy isn't ok love hedda

hedda - 10/7/2014

For: Monika

Following your adventures. Wow!!! It sounds absolutely amazing!!! Be safe. Enjoy the moment.

Peg - 10/7/2014

For: Monika

Following your adventures. Wow!!! It sounds absolutely amazing!!! Be safe. Enjoy the moment.

Peg - 10/7/2014

For: Jeff E

Ricky behave- impossible I did love seeing Jeff with his hat from Namche Bazaar that I bought in Nepal- knew it would be right for the cold in its neighboring country of Bhutan. How many 1000's of pictures have you taken yet?? love Esther

Esther - 10/7/2014

For: Dad

Ignore Emily being full of herself. I enjoyed the picture of you on one of the other posts. mom was worried there would be none of you. Hope you are getting lots of good pictures. Hi Ricky, I hope you are behaving (as well as you can).

Paula - 10/7/2014

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