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Date: Thursday, October 2
Location: If we told you the name of this place you would not know it

22 km day, up to 11,500 feet. 11 hours of hiking. Gorgeous sun. Day time 65 nighttime. 40 degrees.

As you can tell from the stats today, long day. Fantastic wooded valley with towering mountains. We got to see our first glaciated peak so we are now sure we are in the Himalayas. Many quite tired today. We ended in a meadow with a view of the peaks around us.

The horses you can see in the picture from breakfast carry our gear. Lunch is a hot meal of rice, green beans, cauliflower, carrots and ginger tea. We are constantly close to the roar of the river these two days. It did not quite drown out the barking dogs in camp during the night. The amazing clear stars helped to make up for that.

Lisa is better today and walking.

Thanks for following us.

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For: Everyone

Hope you all are experiencing Gross National Happiness. Wish I was there.

Mr Tom - 10/3/2014

For: Grammy barb

What do you eat for breakfast? And who do the dogs that bark at night belong to? Did you sleep OK, is you bed comfortable? We had a good day. Love w and o

Wyatt and Oliver - 10/2/2014

For: Monika

Lieben Gruss! Ready to leave! Alles OK! Moedingers haben auf den 31.1. 2015 gekundigt. GUT! Oder?

Fred - 10/2/2014

For: Barbara

You guys are amazing! 22 km at 11500 ft!? Keep going strong! Have fun!

Katie - 10/2/2014

For: Jeff

Hi Dad! I hope you are having fun!

Paula - 10/2/2014

For: Barb

The pictures are amazing, the food sounds "yummy", and you look like you are having a fabulous time! I can't even imagine all the adventures you are having. It must be a "National Geographic" moment! You're my hero!!

Pam - 10/2/2014

For: Barb

Barb, you look terrific!

Les - 10/2/2014

For: jeff

Jeff- good to see you in the picture and eating. Looks beautiful. Barb- you also look great. Enjoy

esther - 10/2/2014

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