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Date: June 6, Sunday
Location: Placencia, Belize, end of the road

What the contrast!

Yesterday snow. Today we rose to the sound of wind in the palms, lapping water under the window and the smell of fresh ground coffee. A great boat took us an hour off shore to the local keys, except for the fisherman in the hammock and the coconut palms, uninhabited. From here we snorkeled amid coral, brightly colored fish, sting rays and one shark. He was a small one. Scuba took some of us down 70 feet to a inky wall dropping into disappearing oblivion. At least 10 moray eels squirmed out to greet or frighten us depending on your point of view. Highpoint for Jennifer was the hawkbill turtle who swam over and smiled at her.

I would write more but need to go on the end off the pier for happy hour, wont need my shoes...

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For: Jennifer

For Jennifer...sounds lovely. I know the turtle and it's smile was a "gift" as you always say! Can't wait to hear all your stories when you get back!

Debbie - 4/12/2014

For: Esther and Paula

Hope you are having a fabulous time and scuba turned out to be a great experience. Thinking about you- and HI RICK!

Linda #1 - 4/8/2014

For: Barb and Les

Wow, all your kids are sending you messages! I walked 2 miles on the track on Sunday (fastest lap was 5:05 which is almost 3 mph!)Wyatt and Oliver launched air rockets, kicked the soccer ball for a lap, and built a sand castle in the long jump pit. Can't wait to see photos of your latest adventure!

Todd, Wyatt and Oliver - 4/7/2014

For: Rick

The heat must be getting you since your post says June 6th-- Lets not rush spring till i can get my boat ready for the in key West is good here.have fun sounds exciting under water.

Daddeo - 4/7/2014

For: Esther and Paula

Nice pic. Hope the scuba went well. NU shut down Penn 7-2 but Emily did not play. Have fun!

Jeff - 4/6/2014

For: Barb and Les

Don't pet the shark - even the small one.

Carol - 4/6/2014

For: Barb and Les

Glad you arrived safely and are having fun!

Katie - 4/6/2014

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