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Date: Wednesday, January 29
Location: Lake Manyara and Karatu

The picture is out our window on our drive to work. Similar to your view today?

Yes, you guessed it, we are on safari . Left at 8:00 am so we got to Lake Manyara National Park at 12:30 for lunch. The first animals, the baboon troop is always a thrill. Elephants caused quite a stir when one suddenly walked quickly towards the truck.

Evening we watched the sun go down on the crater. Elizabeth, our good friend who has dedicated 4 years to the local African kids, joined us for dinner. See under child sponsorship or the PPS website under Mountains with Meaning / Scholarships for some very intriguing info on Elizabeth.

Tomorrow the famous Ngorongoro crater. We expect to see lions, giraffes, hyena, elephants, rhinos, hippos, all kinds of gazelle and antelope, zebras, jackals and much more.

Friday is local town day. Local market, local chia and mandazi (African donuts), goat roast with the locals, local wood carvers, visit to drop off computers we brought at local school where we support 16 kids from an orphanage and more before we hit the airport.

This is our last post. Thanks, as the climbers will tell you when you get home your support means a lot. Help them readjust slowly to home, it will be a shock. They have much to process.

If you would like to have an adventure of your own, we would be glad to chat. This year you can still join us in Bhutan, Everest or Kilimanjaro in 15. We will be developing some community development and music sharing programs with Yusuf and the porters. In the coming 2 years. The intent is as we move on to continue to join with the porters and their families who have helped us these many years. Let us know if you want more information as we develop these programs.

And one more time, asante sana, thank you for joining us.

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So glad your climb went well and all were successful! It's been great fun following your daily updates. I can't wait to hear the stories and see the pictures. Safe travels to all of you!

Clare - 1/29/2014

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Enjoy your safari and markets etc -see you Saturday night!

shannon - 1/29/2014

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