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Date: November 17, Sunday
Location: Periche, for lunch. 13,500 feet. Heading to Tengboche.

Sunny. 15 degrees start, 50 degree in sun.

Heading out. Strolling along. 7 hours of downhill hiking. Loving more oxygen in the air and the warmer weather.

Melissa says just breathe. Lisa says breath "If you can't breath nothing else matters."

Dan's puns are back. Some are advocating leaving him at altitude.

Quiet on trail today. All are looking forward to lower altitudes as you can tell from comments.

Be sure to ask your family and friends about the luxury rooms last night. Some even had western style toilets, water was frozen in the bowls though.

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For: soha

congras to all of u and be careful coming down. eagarly waiting to hear from u and dad both. will see u on 23rd. i am reching delhi 4.10 pm terminal 3 everybody keeps me posting. with love mom ydu

mom - 11/18/2013

For: Lisa

Keep breathing! Safe travels down the mountain. Sending big hugs from all of us!

Bianca - 11/18/2013

For: Sohashah

Hi sister!! Just wanted to say happy descent to you all and that Mom would love to hear from you and Dad when you are able (check your email, I sent you her number) The Bengals did get a W but man, it wasn't looking likely for the entire first quarter :) Love you!

Ruchi - 11/18/2013

For: soha

soha, beautiful pictures of mountains, very happy picture oi some of you, congratulations again, take it easy coming down

neki,pankaj - 11/18/2013

For: Melissa

Thank you so much for carrying the flag with my mother’s name on it, that means a lot to me. The pictures of your climb are amazing and they show how beautiful this part of the world is. It looks like a truly inspirational place. Kassi, Wesley and I can’t wait for you to return as we are anxious to see the pictures you took and hear the stories you have to tell.

Mike - 11/17/2013

For: Soha

Since we're providing you football updates - the Patriots play Monday night! I'll post my update then :-) A very good Sunday here - and sounds like there as well. I can't imagine hearing about the mundane of picking out knobs for my new cabinets is all that interesting with the glory you're experiencing, but well, it's been the highlight of my day and you're stuck with what we write :-) Thinking of you - stay well.

Sona - 11/17/2013

For: Melissa

Congrats keep up the good work!

Teri - 11/17/2013

For: Melissa

Hi Mom! Happy Sunday ! Mike, Wesley and I went for a walk today. Saw a stray pitbull, so we went down a scary side "street" until he left. I'm so excited that you are gonna be home in a week! I can't wait to hear all the stories!! Love you and Miss you!

Kassi - 11/17/2013

For: soha

Well, on way return has started. Be safe and strong. Talk to Jyoti this morning and she is doing well. Of course waiting to see you both soon. I am waiting to hear from you both soon also. Take care.

Gita - 11/17/2013

For: Soha

I don't know when Ruchi posted that, but the game has picked up :) Hoping for a good second half. Our D really has Dalton's back. Hope the trip down is going well! You'll be back to normal altitude in no time, and then back in the Motherland! Momma is eagerly awaiting your arrival! Have fun!!! Stay safe, everyone! Love, Beej

Beej - 11/17/2013

For: melissa

Breathe deep my friend. Today Sara and I hiked Dryer. They have new trail marked for snowshoeing. 60 and rainy today.

madame toussard - 11/17/2013

For: Lise Crapella

Missed Saturday's post, was flying back from sunny California. Many Congrat's to you & all. What a spectacular feat! There can't be anything else on the bucket list left to surpass this! Can't wait to hear all about the climb next month. Safe trip down & safe trip home for everyone. What a special bond with each other, the mountain & the universe.

Linda & Lou - 11/17/2013

For: Soha

We're playing the Browns right now, I'm not sure that we have the stamina to finish this season strong :( Went to Yogini's garba last night, it was fun! The kids enjoyed running around doing raas. Enjoy the trek down, glad to hear Dad is doing fine, although not sure I needed Kaka's 37 texts at 5am!! But I think he was excited to know he was fine too :) Love you, talk soon!

Ruchi - 11/17/2013

For: Melissa

Huge congrats on getting up there! Heard you already got congrats from very famous people, but, hey, this congrat is from SARA and CHARLIE!

the Sabatines - 11/17/2013

For: kemily

Enjoy your breathing and strolling along. Hugs.

mom/mil - 11/17/2013

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