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Date: September 12, Thursday
Location: Karagol camp. 9550 feet.

7 hours walking. High point 11,500.

The word for the day is scree, steep scree. A thousand feet up and done, slide, slip, catch yourself. It was an adventurous day in the mountains. Another spectacular hike. Now at camp. Some are washing socks and bodies. Thoughts are turning to after our four hike out early we hit a Turkish town. Turkish bath, massage, belly dancers, dinner and other festivities before we get on the train late at night. We may not be able to get you a post then so if we don't , don't worry. Hard to write from a steamy Turkish bath.

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For: Paul

I hope you're enjoying yourself. I checked the house today and everything is good. The only thing that was left out was a folder on the kitchen counter with info about the house so I left it there. I figured it's for the realtor. If you want me to put it away just let me know - I'm going there again over the weekend. Enjoy your bath, massage and the belly dancers (but not too much!!!!) Miss You! Love Joanne XOXOXO

Joanne - 9/12/2013

For: John P.

Wish I could send you all some of the glorious tomatoes from your garden. I am picking 12 to 15 a day. If you are what you eat, I am going to be a big red tomato by the time you get back. It was 94 degrees in DC yesterday, with a heat index of over 100, and torrential storms today. Wish I could see the belly-dancing with you, maybe it would inspire me to get back into a class! Love, Pris

Priscilla - 9/12/2013

For: Gary

Enjoy your BATH.

Myra - 9/12/2013

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