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Date: July 15, 2013, Monday
Location: Uramba, Maras, Maras salt mines, Uramba and Sacred Valleys, up to 12,500 feet

A 10th generation weaver gave us a fascinating demo of taking the wool, how to spin, color, and it. This was then followed by a very successful buying spree. We explored 2000 plus year old sites of harvesting salt from a local spring, a 1000 year old seed experimental research site and other ancient mysteries. How to explain how the rainbows, rain, sun, snow glaciers, precipitous road drop offs and local people all combine at anyone single moment. Wow seemed to be our favorite word today. Now our briefing is over and we are frantically packing to limit ourselves to only 15lbs of gear per person to begin our much anticipated Inca Trail hike in the morning

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For: Lisa, Brick and Family

What to bring for the Inca Trail Hike: 1) Backpack 2) Comfortable Walking Shoes 3) Sleeping Bag (Can be rented in Cusco) 4) 2 pairs of long pants 5) 2 T Shirts 6) Thermal Underwear 7) Fleece Jacket 8) Rain Jacket 9) Hat 10) Flashlight 11) First Aid Kit 12) Insect Repellent 13) Money Belt, Passport and emergency money 14) Camera 15) Water Bottle 16) Water purification tablets (Micropur can be bought in Cusco)

Danny DiPaolo - 7/16/2013

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