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Date: Sunday July 14, 2013
Location: Pisac, 10,000 feet. Night, 32 night, day 65 degrees

Picture of the whole group in the Uramba, Sacred Valley at 12,000 Feet. Yes, we are here! As we wound our way up some incredible winding roads, the shouts of "llama!" was heard. We visited our first amazing Incan site. Later we visited a man who makes ceramics in a traditional style. And now, to sleep, catching up our an early start to fly across the Andes. Everybody is doing well.

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For: To Marcia)

Type your message here.. So exciting to follow you. Love you, Kath

From? Kath - 7/18/2013

For: Karen Mesolella

Karen, Glad you're all looks gorgeous. Looking forward to the next update!!! Love, Chris

Chris - 7/15/2013

For: Lisa campbell

Hi Lisa! Pretty cool - it feels like you are so far away! Good to see you guys landed safe and looks like everyone is doing good. Like seeing the updates! keep em comimg and have FUN!!! SO HOT HERE!!!!! Denise

Denise J - 7/15/2013

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