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Date: February 19th, 2013
Location: The hotel in Moshi!

We are at hotel! Great hike out! Loving the showers, cold drinks. Celebration time. Reentry is really hard. A big transition. Please try to be gentle with us on our return. We can't wait to share our stories but it will take time to decompress. And we know there is much that has happened in your lives and look forward to hearing about it.

We will post 2x with a safari update over the next 5 days.

Hopefully we can all get together at the PPS reunion in October. Check the for more info and we will update it later in the year.

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For: Mooianne hehe

Congrsts! I knew you could do it! I bet s shower wsd never so nice. Have fun on Safari! Can't wait to buy you s drink!

Autumn/Pumpkins - 2/20/2013

For: Dad and moo

Hope you're enjoying some much needed R and R. Don't forget to shower before you come home! Got your email dad. looking forward to seeing you soon. might be in ATL for lindseys birthday on your return so will see you sunday or monday. I'll keep you posted. We love and miss you, congrats!

TJ - 2/20/2013

For: Rick

Good going!glad all went ok have fun on Safari.

Dad - 2/20/2013

For: Kili Climbers 2013

Congratulations to all! The significance of your accomplishment won't really hit home until one day when you're faced with a challenge and you say to yourself "I climbed that frickin' mountain! This is nothing compared to Kili!". And most importantly, REALLY COLD BEER at the 2nd floor restaurant at the airport!

Noel Kili 2011 - 2/19/2013

For: Uncle Chris

Chris: great pictures cannot wait to hear your great Stories n see all the pictures. Congrats on your Climb. Love ya. Jen, Sean & Morgan.

Morgan - 2/19/2013

For: Torey and Marianne

Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

The Frawley's - 2/19/2013

For: Tom and Agnes

Oh boy, you did it! What a huge accomplishment... One that can never be taken away and that will leave you with memories forever. Hope you have a wonderful time on safari -- looking forward to seeing you on your return- Love you -- Di, Billy, Katy and Shelly

Di, Billy, Katy and Shelly - 2/19/2013


Big sigh of relief! Glad you're off the big K...Time to relax and be proud of what you just accomplished! Watch out for those monkies! Stay safe!


For: Auntie Agnes & Tom

Hope when you got to the top it was a great view wish i was their as well.

everyone - 2/19/2013

For: Auntie Agnes & Tom

Hey it's us and we wanted to say your doing a great thing here and we know you guys are having the best time together. All can't wait to see you when you come back from your trip. Love you and miss you and we want you to keep up with the good work. see ya soon.

Gregory, Andrew, Alex, Allie, Ben, Matt, Nagyi, And everyone else - 2/19/2013

For: Eric

We are super proud of you and your clan!!! Can't wait to hear the stories. Things have been very good here. Looking forward to your safe return. Be well!

John & Sara - 2/19/2013

For: Troy

Enjoy the rest of your time in Africa. Can't wait to see you. Love you!

Sandi, Kara, and Andy - 2/19/2013

For: Torey

Good job little buddy!

Elliot - 2/19/2013

For: Marianne and Torey

We are both so very proud and happy you made it to the top, accomplished your goal and are safe. We love you both and can't wait to see you.

Dave and Elizabeth - 2/19/2013

For: Torey & Marianne

CONGRATULATIONS!!! you are both so strong and I had no doubt that you would make it to the top! Enjoy the rest of your trip! can't wait to hear all about it! Have a safe trip home!! Congratulations!!!!!!

Witney - 2/19/2013

For: Torey and Marianne

Congratulations and reaching the summit!!! Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

Lauren Schilling - 2/19/2013

For: Troy

Congratulations! Great to see the picture of you smiling at the summit. Way to go! We're all very proud of you and can't wait to see the pictures and hear the stories of your amazing journey!

Anne K - 2/19/2013

For: Torey & Marianne

CONGRATULATIONS!!! What an accomplishment! We are all very very proud! Have fun on the rest of your trip!! Love, Lindsey

Lindsey - 2/19/2013

For: moo and Uncle Torey!

Congrats you did it!!! Im so proud of you and cant wait to see you and hear all about it! Love you!! Xoxox

Raegan - 2/19/2013

For: To Torey and Marianne

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You did it!!!!!!! Enjoy the rest of your time, have a safe trip home and see you soon!

From? The Delaney family - 2/19/2013

For: Moo and Uncle Torey

Yay you're off the mountain !! I can only imagine how wonderful a nice hot shower feels!! I can't wait to hear all about your journey! Enjoy the next few days , relax, eat, drink and celebrate with all of your new friends. So very proud of you all!

Katie - 2/19/2013

For: Marianne, Torey and all Climbers

Glad u all made it down safely!Moo HAPPY SHOWER!!Angela said she used a whole bottle of shampoo when she got down, glad you took such a big bottle!Enjoy the rest of ur time with ur "mountain mates"-get some much needed rest and know that I'm so proud of all of u! U have accomplished something most people only dream of-so in the future, don't let anyone ever say that u can't do something..because u just proved that u can!Hope u all have a safe trip home. Moo and Torey-c u on Fri! Love M

Mom/Sheryl - 2/19/2013

For: Moo & Uncle Torey

Yay you're off the mountain!!! What an accomplishment, but I bet it feels sooo good to take a hot shower and sleep in a bed!! Everyone back home is so proud of you guys & can't wait for your safe return home! Til then, relax, celebrate, have a drink or lots of drinks, & enjoy the safari!! Steal me a monkey!!! We should do breakfast & mimosas when you get home since I can't make it to the airport, my treat!! Xoxo love you!!

Kerri - 2/19/2013

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