Tyresa & the Nicaraguan Youth Volunteer Adventure for 4 Walls

Tyresa's Story:

Hello, my name is Tyresa, but most people call me Ty. I am a 16 year-old Junior at Geneseo High School with a passion for art. I plan to attend college in the fall of 2016 in anticipation of someday working in the medical field. This type of career appeals to me because throughout my life I have always wanted to help people and have an impact on someone else's life. Every day I see people around me who pay little or no attention to others, even their friends, who are facing daily difficulties. This indifference bothers me, so I try to be the complete opposite, hoping that I can change a person's life for the better.

Even though I look at the people around me, I am also interested in the wider world. I am curious about life beyond what has existed around me. To date, I have not left the USA except for the adventure of going to Niagara Falls in Canada. Hopefully this scholarship will provide me with the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the world.

In addition to expanding my own experience by joining the 4 Walls Project to Nicaragua to help build houses for those that have no place to live, I believe it can be a life-changing experience for me and change my view of the world. Everything this trip has to offer I absolutely fell in love with; the fact that I get the chance to leave an impact on a family's life, the exposure to many new positive people, and the possibility of learning about life outside of the USA are all extremely intriguing to me.

With the help of this scholarship, in addition to the work I will be doing to raise money to go, I intend to change at least one person's life for the better. I would be forever grateful for help to make my dream a reality!

Randy's Support:

"Tyresa is a young lady that I would very much like to see go to Nicaragua to build houses with the 4 Walls Project but to get there she needs some financial help. She is one of the most caring, ethical and thoughtful young people that I know but the expense of joining a trip to a foreign country would not be possible for her without support. There is a huge, wonderful world outside of the circle that Tyresa knows at Geneseo and I want her to experience that world. The combination of helping others while growing and learning is a perfect experience for her at this point in life. Tyresa will be working to save money for the trip but this scholarship will make an otherwise impossible experience become possible. She is deeply appreciative of any help that you might give."
-Randy French

To Make a Contribution to the Scholarship:

You may also make checks payable to Pack Paddle Ski. Be sure to indicate "Tyresa Scholarship" in the memo line! Donations are not tax deductible.

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