Please help me build homes bringing peace, comfort and stability to these amazing women!

A Note From Me to Your Kind Hearts:

I'm not one to put my struggles at the forefront of who I am. I am someone, like everyone, who has gone through my own challenges. I've lived and live through my own hardships, but I am someone who puts love and hope, and the outlook for a better future in front of everything. Because in the end, I will not be consumed by my mistakes, my struggles or my faults. I will use it all to fuel myself to be better and to do my best to better the world around me. This simply is where the joy is. Where we all so desperately need to focus; on cultivating compassion, kindness, empathy and spreading love through the world.

So, Why Does This All Matter?

I have the chance to help be the change I desperately think the world needs. I have been given an opportunity to travel to Africa to make a difference. One that we can probably never fully grasp. One that will positively change the lives of these amazing women who have dedicated their lives to helping the woman of their communities learn vocational skills like knitting and sewing school uniforms, bee keeping, medical skills and business development skills, among many others, to better themselves.

There is this song called "Peace" by O.A.R. The song is fundamentally about never giving up on love no matter the stakes. However, the underlying message is purely about peace. It speaks about how we all want a place that we feel safe, loved and protected. The song has resonated with me for many reasons and helped me remember, through many hard times, that we are all just seeking peace and love. Sometimes that peace comes with heart ache or pain, but the goal of our journeys are always the same: Peace.
Listen here and see what you think!

"Everybody Needs a Place... Somewhere That's Warm and Safe... A Shelter From This Crazy World We're In" - O.A.R. Peace

Why Your Donation Matters!

Your donation matters because these people matter! By helping sponsor my participation in this life changing experience you will be helping provide new housing for Lightness and the women working alongside her. This project, Women's House Building & Projects, brings a voice to who these amazing women are and the work they are doing in their community. Find out more information here.

No matter the battles we face at the end of the day we all want Peace. Through all I have endured in the past two years this experience, an epic gesture of good, will help me find peace in myself and be a part of the epic light and good that I know is shining bright in this world.

My goal is to raise $2,000. All monies raised will go to toward airfare, visa costs, travel insurance and other incidentals. I am not a person who enjoys asking for donations, but if you are moved to, I appreciate the support more than you will ever know. I promise each of you will be carried in my heart on this grand adventure.

Thank you for considering sponsoring me in this amazing opportunity!

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To Make a Contribution:

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