Dear PPS Traveler and Supporter:

You may not be aware of how your participation in PPS has impacted others around the world, so we wanted to let you know what you have supported by traveling with PPS this year. You should share in the JOI we regularly have here.

The following is a list of charitable organizations or subsidized programs PPS contributed to or facilitated in 2017. Funds beyond what we need to sustain PPS are given away. This amount varies from year to year, based on the cost of doing business and how much I eat. These funds come from donations to PPS and income generated by our programs. This is just a financial report. The real story, and I wish you could join me for an evening by the fireplace, is the story of the lives touched.

Thank you for joining and supporting PPS this year.

2017 Beneficiaries

-Journeys of Solutions to support Sustained Solutions, our effort to continue projects for Lake Eyasi women and a school build with our friends in Nepal: $10,000
(This does not include $1,500 in trip deposits paid to PPS by people who then decided to have their payment go to Sustained Solutions instead of to their trip.)

-ROCovery Fitness, Inc, the NYS premier resource for recovery support through fitness and sober living, connecting peers, friends and family through wellness, acceptance and understanding: donation of 16 pairs of snowshoes, boots, and 10 sets of cross country skis; approximate value $2,500

-PPS Teen Adventure Program, a monthly program of adventure to provide connection for teens: $4,000

-PPS Scholarship program, support for people journeying to our Lake Eyasi Project: $1,000

-Norman Howard School, so they may continue their outdoor education program: $8,000 discount of the sale of equipment to the school

-Yusuf, our Tanzanian guide: $14,000 loan to buy a vehicle to start his own guide company, Africa- The Wild & Beyond. He worked off $4,300 of it; the rest was forgiven in exchange for volunteering on the Lake Eyasi Women's Project.

-Sponsorship of our friend Nwawang in guide school in Nepal: $500

-Ramero, our Bolivian driver: donation of tent and high-end sleeping bag; $1,500 retail value, $1,000 wholesale replacement cost. He had no tent or sleeping bag and worked in the mountains, camping and living with us.

-Various organizations, such as Rochester Cross Country Ski Foundation: $650