200 Club

Come join the coolest club in town! As a trip participant, you are automatically a member. We believe in the powerful experiences of the outdoors and would like to share that enthusiasm. A portion of your trip cost ($200 to be exact) go to support Life Matters!

"I have had a long and valued relationship with Rick French and Pack, Paddle and Ski. What drew me to the group and has kept me engaged for a number of years was being with a community of like-minded people. Most of the folks that participate in adventure travel with PPS are committed to heath, love a challenge, are optimistic, fun and they enjoy being in the outdoors and exploring new cultures. They especially care about enriching the lives of others, both locally and in third world countries. I am excited to be a part of their new direction and the 200 Club. This club is designed to bring the community closer together. This will be accomplished through the adventures they engage in together as well as collaborating on the most valuable ways to contribute back to the world. It will focus on offering outdoor adventures that add meaning to people's lives and will be offered to those who could not otherwise afford the experiences. Now that is a club worth signing up for!"
-Lisa Bouchard, 200 Club member

2015 Projects & Budgets

Check out all of the valuable projects the 200 Club supported this year! The 2016 list of projected projects is also included.

Previous years: 2014

Benefits of Club Membership-

  • $200 off any week-long (or more) PPS program that you register for during the 12 months following registration deposit for full-priced trip
  • Kayak/canoe outing with fellow clubbers
  • "Paying it forward" by supporting Life Matters programs
  • Annual 200 Club Dinner in September (team presentations can be made for the next year's programs)
  • Opportunity to champion a Life Matters program that is close to your heart

Call or email us to learn more about this effort! Additional donations are welcome via the PayPal link below, and we'll contact you to finish your contribution.

Please join us as we embark on a journey of celebrating life through adventure!