2019 Lake Eyasi Progress Report from February Trip

Astounding what is going on over there.

Hi everyone who donated and helped support the 2019 Lake Eyasi projects.

I am so moved by this project. Every year it seems to be more powerful. I am up early the first morning home, jet lagged and putting pieces in place to help Lightness and the women there.

As usual the most important part to me is how people are impacted by this amazing trip!  In short, let me tell one story and then I will list some of the tasks and plans...(PLEASE LOOK AT THE HUGE ESSENTIAL WATER PROJECT WE ARE STARTING BELOW...)

Fatina is our HIV pos Mom a house was built for last year. She left a hot, window less one room mud hut for her new house last year. She lives with her 9 year old, HIV pos daughter and another older daughter who takes care of her. She is limited to her bed from being paralyzed on one half her body. We greeted her and she is a different woman. Last year sullen, sunken, weak, now her one open eye is shining and her speech forceful and loud. She had tears in her eyes as she told us how happy she is to have a house, a bed and a window where she can look out and feel the wind. Each day we would sit and have chai. She radiates happiness. It hit me hard and I am trying to take home her simple gratefulness and joy for what she has....
This is just one story. Each of below has a heart moving story attached to it.

We really really need your help over here. Either coming with us or supporting the project by going to......
You are welcome to designate if there is a particular project you would like to support.

You can also help us by telling others, helping me get a speaking engagement or in any ways you can think of...

Yours connecting the world...
Thanks is not a big enough word for how you have impacted the women here.


Projects 2019

Besides Jaima and myself, 7 people joined us. Of course this is not including Yusuf, and Peter who live there and Lightness.

-Houses- 2 built, painted
-Outhouses- 8 built and painted
-Duka (shop)- Built with 3 rooms and painted, needs a decision who and what businesses go in. It will be 3 groups of 3 women each.  Once a tea shop, one a sewing shop and one a small grocery store.
-Microloans- A new team sponsored by an Israeli group is training woman in the area in business skills, we are providing some capital for small loans. Incredible year on this project. Last year we gave $2000. That was given to 10 woman. Already 8 gave it back and now with interest there is over $2200 in the account. The two loans not paid back, 1 was a very sick woman and the other her mom had a mental illness and she walked off. The whole village tracked her to the lake, she has not been found yet.
Medical Clinic- Support for a woman and her daughter HIV pos, we took many of the village women and children there for a checkup. Left money for supplies.

*****Water****** The tank we built last year from water going to the village not working. No water from community any more. So, we brought in engineers and paid for assessment. At the moment the plan is to build a wall and solar pump to support the village. Cost estimate is $35,000. The well needs drilled to up to 450 feet deep! Until you have been in a place people have to walk miles for water, it is hard to understand how great this need is........
So, we are trying to raise the funds by end of March 2019. That is fast. Water is not only for drinking, cooking but with it they woman can grow a garden and have a few goats. Then they could sell some product to get a few dollars. It will be life changing to many. The water supply will help all in the village, not just the ones we built houses for.

We sent two people to a distant school with chlorine machine to teach them how to purify water. Their supply is from holes dug in the dry river bed. The water is muddy and cows walk in it. We are researching a possible filter system from local sand as a solution.
-Misc-6 computers brought over for school, two beds for new house owners, money for a bicycle for porter's son so he can get to work,
-School. We worked in the school everyday with a student each in computers and English class. Money was left to support the teacher and to help subsidize the other students
-We met with Mary who graduated and has a sewing machine and store. She made a dress for her sponsor
-We met with Latifa who is now a nurse and supported by the school
-We sponsored two new students at the school for next year. Very smart girls, Magret and Helen.

FOR 2020

Huge thanks to all who are helping. We shed many tears of struggle and joy with our friends.  Glad you could be part of it.
To help, please……http://journeysofsolutions.org/our-projects/lightness-womens-homes-in-africa/
If you want a specific fund such as “well” Put “Lake Eyasi Well” in the memo or comment line.
Here is the video from last year.  Please share this info with anyone you think would be interested in helping.