Many of our friends around the world have been having significant financial struggles during this pandemic, and thanks to the help of the PPS community we have been able to offer some relief to those most in need. Some support was sent through Journeys of Solutions, some was sent directly from PPS. Since international travel is looking to be unlikely for a long time, the tourism that our friends rely on as their only means of income will be almost nonexistent. More need will arise, so we will keep up our efforts to support those who support us on our adventures and those friends we've met along the way. Please let us know if you'd like to help.

Here is what the PPS community has been able to do:

  • Send money to provide food for porters and guide families in Nepal, Bhutan, Morocco, and Tanzania
  • Set up a fund to provide food for 12 families in Tanzania through the end of the year
  • Give Yusuf unemployment while he is without work
  • Begin making plans to establish a long-term sustainable project for our guides and porters in Tanzania, starting a farm and brickyard managed and run by them as a source of income and food when there isn't work or they are unable to climb
  • Continue to pay salaries for all teachers and staff at Lake Eyasi Girls Vocational Training Center, even when school was not in session
  • Continue scholarships for 4 students at the school
  • Continue care for Teresia's mental health and food for her and her children
  • Support regular medical care for the women of Lake Eyasi
  • Establish a farm to feed those families in Lake Eyasi who can't farm themselves
  • Send $10,000 in emergency funding for college scholarships, medical clinic expenses and salaries in addition to planned support to keep the projects going

Visit Life Matters on Facebook to see the families and hear the stories. Thank you for helping us help our friends.