Life as we know it has changed drastically. We're all trying to manage daily life in this new (and thankfully temporary) norm, and while adventure is just what we need right now, foreign travel is currently impossible and it will be slow to return. With so many unknowns and constant changes, it is difficult to have a concrete and definitive answer to "What is happening with my trip?". Our process of developing an answer to that question is outlined below. We are taking into account all the stakeholders- you as a client, PPS, and our guides around the world- to make decisions that will minimize the negative impact on everyone.


  • We will wait as long as we can to alter the trip. This maximizes the options we have. Airline policies are frequently changing and are the leading factor in when and how we decide to alter a trip. US-based airlines are offering full refunds, but international carriers are not. Each airline has different (and often changing) restrictions on rebooking or cancelling flights. We must take all of this into consideration. Also, while we understand that the current travel ban is likely going to be in place for longer than expected, we are not going to make changes on trips until we must. The bans will, at some point, be lifted. We don't want to cancel or reschedule if we don't have to! If we can go, we will go.

  • If we do need to make changes, our first choice is to reschedule. This minimizes damages to all stakeholders. Our first goal in all of this is to offer you a trip. We will first inform all group members of the tentative date change and ask that you let us know if you are able to commit to the new dates. It is likely that we would need a minimum number of clients in order to proceed with plans. Hopefully you'll be able to join us! We will absorb any costs we incur by changing the date of the trip.

  • If you are unable to join us during the rescheduled dates, we'll refund as we can. Unfortunately, we can't refund money we can't get back. The amount we can get back from lodges, transfers, local guides, entrance fees, etc. will be changing daily. We likely won't know how much we'll be refunded until close to when the rescheduled trip runs. If we can fill your spot on the trip we will. We'll return to you the amount we can get back for your cancellation plus any portion that was to go towards covering PPS operating costs, such as salaries, office expenses, insurance, and any other net profit we normally use to keep the company going. Please be patient as we gather all the information in order to offer you the largest refund we can.

Our intention is to find the best solution for all of us. We've been working with a travel agency to see if there is anything we can say or do that will allow you to make a claim on your travel insurance. Unfortunately we have not found anything we can do that is helpful. However, it can't hurt to check with your policy holder- we are happy to help you in any way we can. We are making sacrifices to be able to offer as much as we can, absorbing additional costs, not taking salaries for the year, working many, many hours to find solutions and make plans in the midst of increased family responsibilities, constant change, and uncertainty.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation through this process. Thank you for choosing to travel with PPS, and we hope our adventures will soon be possible.