• CUBA!!! It has become one of our favorite destinations and it is still legal to go
  • Our experiences in 2018 and 2019 has created new found friends for you to share
  • Explore the city of Havana, old and new- cigar factories, famous hotels, and local neighborhoods
  • Stay in casas de particulares, private homes, to get a true sense of of the community and culture
  • Visits to infamous places like Al Capone's house and the Bay of Pigs
  • Mountains to be hiked, coves to be snorkeled, and caves to be explored!
  • Nights filled with music and salsa dancing!
  • Support for the Cuban People. We will be supporting various local humanitarian projects
  • Travel with a local English-speaking guide and Rick and Jaima, the PPS leaders


The time is now!

Cuba is still open to legally visit for USA citizens. Resorts have been built and this place that was locked in time will lurch into the 21st Century although admittedly their advance has slowed with recent changes to rules. We have partnered with a local Cuban, a former university professor there, to offer you an amazing experience in this neighboring country of ours.

This trip is different from many out there- although we will hit some highlights, the program is designed to get us into the lives of the locals and the culture of Cuba. In addition, staying true to the PPS approach, we will have a focus on the natural scene. We have tried to limit the amount of driving in order to spend as much time as we can with our feet on the ground. We'll visit different cities to get a feel for the country as a whole, both urban and rural experiences. The days will be filled with activities- local tours, museums, and neighborhood exploration. The focus is on offering as many experiences as possible to immerse you in the culture and daily life. Lodging is in private homes or apartments (the group will not always be in the same one, but in several in the same area) providing the opportunity to get an intimate glimpse of life in Cuba. Lunches and dinners will be in private restaurants. Staying in private homes rather than government run hotels is one aspect of the trip that not only gives you a feel for the country but keeps the trip within regulations.

Request the information packet to see if this trip fits your travel style! Feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Meets in Havana, Cuba
Saturday, January 28th - Sunday, February 5th, 2023
Cost: $2,890/person

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