• The lower canyons of the Rio Grande: a national wild and scenic river
  • Optional pre-trip to explore the upper canyons, Boquillas, Mexico and the Chiso Mountains
  • Limited to 5 people max
  • Hot springs to soak in
  • We will scout some rapids for a little excitement
  • Desert blooms
  • Fascinating history of the those before us: Native Americans, explorers, gold miners, and others have left their mark


It's not easy to get to Big Bend in west Texas. That gooseneck of border isn't on the way to anywhere. And it's a daunting place once you arrive - searing summer heat, thorny vegetation, sheer rock canyons. It’s an arid, rugged, exposed land full of jutting volcanic outcrops. By the same token, it is mystical and haunting, with pockets of lush beauty where springs create oases or shady water pockets (tinajas) support soft, green ferns.

The Rio Grande winds through some 240 miles of outstanding paddling terrain with a wild and scenic river designation. More than 117 miles of that is within the Big Bend National Park, but the reach encompasses Colorado Canyon upstream of the park, and the Lower Canyons downstream.
Quite a few paddlers spend several days sampling the canyons - most notably Santa Elena Canyon with its sheer, slot walls, Class IV Rock Fall Rapid, and some sweet side canyons. That is the optional pre-trip.

To get the true taste of Chihuahuan desert, days of sustained, deep canyons, and a seriously remote experience, take on the Lower Canyons, from La Linda to Dryden, an 80-mile bit of solitude under some of the darkest night skies in North America, rife with side-canyons to explore, hot springs to soak in, rapids to dodge through and the exotic mystery of this storied borderland. When you say you've been down the Lower Canyons, even the locals perk up.

Here is a video from a canoe trip I did there a number of years ago. My videos skills are not that great, but it will give you a great idea of the area.

Meets in Midland, TX
Saturday, March 7th - Tuesday, March 17th, 2020
PRETRIP: February 29th - March 7th
Cost: $1,950/person, additional $750 for Upper Canyons pretrip

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