• The Kilimanjaro Climb, including an extra day on the mountain to acclimatize by the Lemosho route. This is one of the most varied and beautiful hikes in the world!
  • Safari to several of Tanzania's best parks including Tarangire National Park and Ngorongoro Crater
  • See city life in Moshi and enjoy a home-cooked meal at Yusuf's for an authentic cultural experience
  • Climb with Jaima and Yusuf, our local guide for many years, trained by PPS in the USA
  • Guided trip starting right here in Rochester


Kilimanjaro. One of the Seven Summits. The highest point in Africa. This world-famous volcano, with its snow capped peak rising above the African plain, is an almost irresistible lure. Despite its height of 19,344 feet, with the right preparation, the summit is within reach of many people's ability. On the nontechnical route to the top (no rope or technical experience needed), a climber ascends through every ecological zone on the planet.

If you have ever felt the draw of this mountain, read on!

The local Chagga people have always revered the mountain. The first recorded ascent was only a little over 100 years ago. The trail we will take follows a longer, lesser-used route, which will afford us the chance to enjoy the beauty of the mountain and to acclimatize, which is the most significant factor in obtaining the summit. We will be using guides and porters, and will be camping along the way to the summit. Our route will take us about one week to ascend and descend the mountain. We will be accompanied by porters, guides and cooks on the mountain. This will allow you to walk carrying only your day's belongings in a day-pack. Camp will be prepared for you by the staff on the trip.

The land portion of the trip starts and ends in Moshi, Tanzania. After the mountain we'll head out on safari to see some of Africa's legendary wildlife. Your two weeks in Africa will yield enough exotic experiences to last a lifetime!

We are keeping the group size small to optimize the personal attention for each climber.

Traveling with Pack, Paddle, Ski to Africa promises an adventure not to be found elsewhere.

Meets in Moshi, Tanzania
Saturday, February 24th - Sunday, March 10th, 2024
Cost: $5,490/person, $800 to register, airfare additional

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