Why you?

In today's world change is everywhere. Stress is increasing. More output is demanded of you every day. You need to do more with less. You want a retreat, meeting or any gathering to be as effective as possible. You need something to get people involved and committed and it needs to happen fast! You are too busy to be worried about how that will all happen. You are the person who can decide if your group will have a fun, energizing experience that will be memorable. You need something powerful, time effective and stimulating.

Why Us?

Because it is about YOU! The first thing we will do is ask you to tell us about you. We need to know what you need and what you want. We will help you define what you want to accomplish and how to go about it. You tell us how much challenge, what type of location, what budget you have to work within. We will help you decide what options are best for your unique environment.

FUN! We love what we do! We use fun to help all of us learn more, grow more, enjoy more and appreciate the world around us more. Creating a space to have fun in is one of our trademarks. It is also a way of living and life for us.

EXPERIENCE! We have been working with groups since '81 and teambuilding programs since '89. Groups have spanned from Corporate Executives to Abjudicated Youth with sizes from 4 people to over 100.

WE GO TO YOU! Our custom, flexible programs adapt to most situations and locations.

EXPERTISE! We can utilize our resources to match your needs.

What Do We Offer?

You choose a program that matches your needs. From Playnote addresses, to Team Building to Group Development.

Our programs utilize activity-based-training. This means that you are encouraged to learn by placing yourself into a group experience and then reflecting on that experience. Depending on your purpose you can use this experience as an end in itself or to learn and practice effective group dynamics. Then we offer the opportunity to transfer this learning back to your home and work environment.

People are sometimes anxious about the activities. You are involved in determining the level and type of the activity and everyone always has the option of how they want to participate.

Activities range from being mildly active and discussion-oriented to very active outdoor adventure types.

This type of training is not appropriate for every group. It will depend on your group and your purpose. You need to talk with us to determine if we are a match. Be assured that we will tell you if we don't think what can offer will be of assistance to you. It is in our interest to partner with successful situations also.

Who Are We?

Well, to be honest, we keep finding out more about that. It is part of why we do what we do. We can tell you about our backgrounds though. Our backgrounds include the following:

  • Worked on all 7 continents with groups
  • Doctorates
  • Wilderness expeditions
  • Groups from youth at risk to executives who take risks...
  • Small and large group facilitators
  • Vocationally diverse such as pilots, engineers, teachers, Dr.s...
  • Experience in the public and private sector

We are young, old, male, female, diverse as a group and as individuals.

We are people who have a special joy and skills in working with individuals and groups.

What we believe is what we have in common.

What Do We Believe?

We believe people do the best they can. Fun is a way we can open ourselves up. It is a way we can appreciate the world including people and the physical world. Fun can help create opportunities for learning and reflection. It keeps us humble. It makes us equal. We believe that the world and life in it should be sustainable. Every person has a story to tell. There needs to be more time to listen to ourselves and those around us. That these things will improve our work, our families, our lives and the world. We believe that we need more time to think about what we believe and then to live it.

What is expected of you?

The value of the program will be related to how you engage in it. We have found that if you come open minded, willing to risk being a little uncomfortable, with a questioning mind, being present, open to hearing what others say, and ready to have fun that the value is greatly enhanced. If you would like the program to relate to your life outside the program we do then come with that expectation. What we do is a partnership with you.

When it is over?

Our reality of our world has taken our whole life to this moment to form. If we want a different reality then it takes time and effort. To realize a difference it is important to determine how the time spent during a program can be supported afterward long enough to intergrate the experience into your reality. This "followup" is part of every program. Its duration and design is appropriate for each organization.

What They Say About Us

"Great retreat that set the stage for a successful year for our interns. They had lots of fun, too! Terrific food."
Dr. Martin, Rochester General Hospital

"Pack,Paddle and Ski has been tremendous in helping my team to achieve peak performance and improve our morale and job satisfaction."
Clay, Human Resources Department, Bausch and Lomb

"Our Retreat with Rick was great.....it's the first team building experience where I really got to know my colleagues."
Mary, Social Worker, Strong Hospital

"Rick spent a day with our staff to promote team building - an awesome task with close to 80 staff members - the day remains a memorable one for all of us.. It was so positive that we have asked Rick to join us again for our inservice day this year!!"
Vicki from Stepping Stone Learning Center

How To Contact Us

By email:
By phone: (585) 346-5597
By mail: Pack, Paddle, Ski, 6237 South Lima Rd, S.Lima, NY 14487-9787